Ralph Nielsen

Production Design, Coordination & Management

My specialties are:
 Creative Problem Solving.
On the job worker development.
Specifying Materials and Techniques.

Consistently On or Under Budget
No job is too small

     E-mail : mtnear@possumeggs.com


Click on Photos below for more details of Projects

Dollywood's - Lightning Rod Roller Coaster
Sr. Art Director
Dollywood's - DreamMore Resort Hardscape
Sr. Art Director
Dollywood's - Fire Chaser Express Roller Coaster
Sr. Art Director 
Dollywood's - Wild Eagle Roller Coaster
Field Art Director
Resorts World Sentosa - Bumble Bee
Production Designer - Field Art Director
The Art Tree - Everchanging Wall
Production Designer

Dollywood's - Mystery Mine
Creative Director

Tokyo Disney Sea - Prop Boats
Production Designer - Field Art Director

Epcot Center - Artificial Foliage
Production Designer


HGTV Dream Home
Give-a-way 2006

Production Designer - Builder

HGTV Dream Home
Give-a-way 2006

Production Designer - Builder

HGTV Dream Home
Give-a-way 2007

Production Designer - Builder

HGTV Dream Home
Give-a-way 2008

Production Designer - Builder

White Oak Flats Settlement
Field Art Director

Wells Fargo TV Commercial Scenery
Production Designer - Builder


 More Past Projects


 Specialty props, practical effects and scenic backings for Film & TV    Look at Some Examples



 Our Most Recent Museum Projects     Emissaries of Peace, Museum of the Cherokee Indian



 Other Museum Projects     Gift Shop, Museum of the Cherokee Indian



 Museum Exhibits & Themed Environments.    Look At Some of Our Past Work



 Production Design and Production Management for Theme Parks.    Look At Some of Our Past Work


Ralph Nielsen    Sculpture, Props, Practical Effects, Production Design & Construction

Shuko Shikauchi Nielsen    Translation & Interpreting Services in English and Japanese

Haruka Shikauchi    Production Design, Storyboards, Scenic Art, Fine Arts
Possum Eggs    Appalachian Folklore, Wit & Wisdom    under construction 

Nozomi Shikauchi    Young Aspiring Writer, Acquiring Design, Art & Media Skills

Pome-chan    The Moods of Pome-chan

Kigaku - Feng Shui    The Good Direction for Your Health

Location Film & Video Services
Your Assistants in the Appalachian Mountains
& Los Angeles

Our Favorite Productions

Mountain Ear Productions
..... Presents .....
Crazy Mary

Story By Ralph Nielsen
Screenplay by David Patteson

Crazy Mary an HCC FVP Club Film



Beer Drinkers
In Space

Screenplay by Frank Delle

Art Direction & Production Design
by Marc Delle

Production Design & Set Construction
by Ralph Nielsen






Mtn Ear Productions

Tillamook Treasure

A Julie Kimbell Adventure Story

Screenplay by Jane Beaumont Hall
& Richard A. Doyon

Directed by Jane Beaumont Hall

Produced by Richard A. Doyon
& Jane Beaumont Hall

Ralph Nielsen  - Set Construction Consultant


The Prototype movie trailer

a scifi action adventure


2 min 21 sec - Aug 24, 2008


A Film by Marcelo Grion
Contact him at:

Ralph Nielsen  -
Set Construction Consultant


Raise The Bar Productions, Inc.
..... Presents .....
A Dance For Bethany

Human Trafficking Movie Project 

By Marion D. and Yvonne Williams

Ralph Nielsen  -  Sets and Prop Construction Consultant


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