"Fiddlin" Fred Price - Bronze Memorial Fund



Ralph Nielsen is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of:

 The Fred Price Memorial Project

We are building a bronze statue of


"Fiddlin" Fred Price


to be located at the

Johnson County Center of the Arts in Mountain City Tennessee.


We need your help to match some current committed funding.

Our Goal - $16,000.00

If everyone I know donated $10.00
we would easily reach our goal.

GoFundMe Page for "Fiddlin" Fred Price Memorial

Ralph with the concept model for the Fred Price Memorial




Ralph is a retired Sculptor and Production Designer who has worked on:

Theme Parks, Feature Films and TV all over the world.


"I have spent my whole life preserving traditional music,

storytelling, and building lifelong memories for families."




                              The vision behind the project.


I met “Fiddlin' Fred Price” the legendary old-time fiddle player in 1984.

When he died in 1987 hundreds of people came to his funeral.

It was an incredible experience.


My dream since then was to build a Bronze Monument to preserve his legacy.



Fred Price, Clarence Ashley, Clint Howard and Doc Watson


Fred toured many times in the 1950s with Clint Howard, Clarence Ashley and Doc Watson.



Who “Fiddlin' Fred Price” the legendary old-time fiddle player.


Born on July 16, 1915 in the remote mountain community of Shouns in Johnson County, Tennessee,

Fred heard his mother sing old time mountain songs and picked the banjo when he was a baby.


When he was still a little boy, Fred's father encouraged him to take up the fiddle, which he carried in a sack when
he visited his sisters on Sundays.


When Fred joined the US Army during World War II, he was already a skilled fiddler who entertained his fellow soldiers with old time fiddle tunes.



Why crowd funding for the "Fiddlin" Fred Price Bronze Memorial?

I sculpted the maquette (a miniature model) of Fred in 1989.

I wanted to do this project with my own money but then I worked all over the world until I retired in 2016.

At 79 years of age I realized that I would need help to make this dream happen.


So we have applied to the National Endowment for the Arts for an “Our Town” Grant that pays for 50% of the cost of the          arts project. We have matching sources for much of the rest of the project.


However we are still $16.000.00 short of meeting our goal.

GoFundMe Page for "Fiddlin" Fred Price Memorial

Who are the partners that are making this happen?


Val Lyle

Val Lyle, sculptor.




See more about Val  here:



Ralph Nielsen, designer.



See more about Ralph  here:


and the Johnson County Center for the Arts    https://www.jocoartcenter.org/










Our Total Budget             $  68,356.00


Your Impact

Any contribution you make will go straight into the project.


We need to earn $16,000 to match grants and other donations.

The $16,000 will pay for 25% of the total project cost.

·      $ 1,000 – to scan & digitize the maquette model

·      $1,900 – to machine carve full size model


·      $13,100 – Part the of fee to mold and cast the finished bronze sculpture.


Committed donations by others


·      $16,600 by others in the community.


·      Matching funds applied for with an NEA “Our Town” Grant


If everyone I know donated $10.00
we would easily reach our goal of raising $16,000 in matching funds.


GoFundMe Page for "Fiddlin" Fred Price Memorial

Other ways you can help

1.     Help us spread the word! Use this link to share on social media and email: gofundme/fredpricememorial

2.     Come experience the traditional music culture of Johnson County Tennessee with us, you and your family will leave with memories that last a lifetime.

3.     Support the Johnson County Center for the Arts! Whether it is financially or through volunteering, they are working on amazing projects in the Far North East Tennessee area. They are looking for volunteers in art, music, storytelling, writing and video production as well as fundraising and business sponsorship. Get involved!

4.     Expert advice! This is a collaborative piece and we would love to have local experts be a part of this process. Help us build the next chapter in our Appalachian Culture and Music History.

Thank you so much for all your support. We would not be able to complete this project without your help!

All our Love and our sincerest Best Wishes,

Ralph, Val, and all the staff and volunteers at the Johnson County Center of the Arts.