Shuko Shikauchi Nielsen

My Short Biography


  Interpretation - On-Site Instructions, Meetings, Conferences and Talks
for a broad spectrum of major International Businesses.

Translation - Books, Literature, Advertising Copy, Correspondences. 

Writing - For Newspapers, Magazine Articles and Literary Works.


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International Event Coordination:

Summer 2007: Live Earth Tokyo greening coordination.

Cultural Presentations:

2007 HandMade in America - Japanese Art & Craft Project for Craft Across the Curriculum - Teachers Workshops & Several School Workshops
2007 Art in Bloom at Black Mountain Center of the Arts - Tea Ceremony
2007 Ikebana International - Seasonal Ceremonies in Japan - lecture
2006 Ikebana International - Tea Ceremony
2006 Silent Beauty at Asheville Art Center
2005 Ikebana International - Kimono
2004 Japanese Culture Club - Kamishibai
2004 Jack Jarvis Japanese Garden - Tea Ceremony

Interpretation Work: (Partial listing for the last 10 years)

-Business conferences and meetings between Toyota/Hino Motors, Ltd. and ArvinMeritor auto parts manufacturing division in North Carolina.

-A discussion on the outlook of Japanese economy between Mr. Mori, the director of the Ministry of Finance of Japan and the US Federal Reserve Board officials in Tokyo.

-The 10th Invest-in-Japan Study Program by JETRO: between an Indian IT business and Toshiba.

-Meetings and on-the-site instructions for show set installation and scenic art creation for Tokyo Disney Sea, a theme park, between Walt Disney Imagineering and Oriental Land, Co. in Tokyo.

-The Seminar on Investment Opportunities in ASEAN held by ASEAN Center.

  Investment consultation between the Cambodian Government and Japanese businesses in Tokyo.

-The 1998 Nagano Olympics/Paralympics official interpreter in Nagano.

-The US Department of Commerce in Tokyo Apparel show: booth interpretation.

-The 1997 Biathlon World Cup official interpreter in Nagano.

Translation Work: (Partial listing)

-Translation of a book, “The Complete History of Japanese Anime” by Yasuo Yamaguchi, an executive director of Toei Animation and secretary general of the Association of Japanese Animations. (Jap/Eng) The book is scheduled to be published in 2008.

-Sub-title translation for a Japanese animation, “Miami Guns”, with Phoenix Post Sound. (Jap/Eng)

-Research material translation for a book on WWII by Bruce Gamble. (Jap/Eng)

-Translation of speeches by Japanese NGO speakers for a UNICEF conference. (Jap/Eng)

-Subtitle translation of a promotion video of a NGO organization, Vaccination for the World’s Children Japan Committee. The video was made for a UN conference. (Jap/Eng)

-1990 JETRO International symposium audio translation. (Eng/Jap)

-Bidding documents between Sagawa Express Co. and Apple Computer Inc. (Eng/Jap & Jap/Eng)


-2004 to Present: Teaching beginning and intermediate Japanese at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College, the Department of Continuing Education. The focus is on structure as well as understanding conceptual differences between Japanese and English languages.

-2003 to Present: Tutoring beginning and intermediate Japanese. One student passed Japanese Language Proficiency Test level 4, and another one passed Japanese Language Proficiency Test level 3 at this point.

-1996: Instructor of an English training program for Mitsui & Co., Ltd. employees.

-1995: Instructor and counselor of ALC, Inc. for its English education programs for adults.

-1987 to 2002: Tutoring English to middle school students and high school students. To help students to pass entrance examination for higher educational institutions.


"Art in Bloom taps Japanese traditions" Black Mountain News, May 3, 2007
"Silent Beauty" The Laurel of Asheville, July 2006
My original work, A Journal of Albania, received a prize from Cosmos, a coterie magazine, and published in the August 2000 issue.

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