Shuko Nielsen

Origami & Paper Arts

  Interpretation - On-Site Instructions, Meetings, Conferences and Talks
for a broad spectrum of major International Businesses.

Translation - Books, Literature, Advertising Copy, Correspondences. 

Writing - For Newspapers, Magazine Articles and Literary Works.

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Beginning Origami
Origami Collage Sumi Calligraphy
Origami Collage Origami Collage
Torn Paper Art - Flower Dream Torn Paper Art -Wild Flowers
Torn Paper Art - Violets Torn Paper Art - Poppies

Origami and Torn Paper Art

    Origami means ‘paper folding.’ ‘Folding’ is an important aspect of Japanese culture. Whether one is dealing with kimono, paper, or furoshiki cloth, it takes ‘folding.’ Out of a piece of origami paper, which is a square sheet of paper, various objects are created, sometimes simple and other times quite intricate.

    Torn paper art, or chigiri-e, uses washi, Japanese paper. It is a collage art made with finger torn paper. Because washi contains strong fibers the edge makes delicate and subtle lines when it is torn.

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